About Us

The CMR story begins when Joseph Rees opened Ponderosa Steakhouse #1021 in Greenfield, Indiana in 1985.  The company has gone through many changes over the years, expanding at one time to thirteen (13) restaurants, then consolidating to the current four (4) Ponderosa Steakhouses.  In 2010, we added our first Qdoba Mexican Grill, #2677 in Greenfield, IN.  Our second Qdoba, #2810 in Anderson, IN opened in January 2013.  We have consistently upgraded and remodeled our restaurants, utilizing the latest Ponderosa and Qdoba themes available to provide the best satisfaction possible for our guests, teams, and owners. We are proud of the way we have grown CMR Partners by giving our guests superior food and great service, our team members a great place to work and all while having fun and enjoying our work.


MISSION STATEMENT: “”WOW” People with Great Restaurants”
VISION: “Create WIN-WIN’s for Guests, Teams & Owners”
VALUES: Honesty, Integrity, Consistency, Effort, Fun, Communication, Family, Teamwork, Excellence, Passion, Community, Patriotism